Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pretty cupcake

Day one of project muffcup. I must say, its really not as easy as I thought to create beautiful cupcakes. How to achieve pretty appearance and have it taste just as awesome? Its something to work on. So we plunge into this project not really know how to go about doing it.
Started by shopping at poon huat. Awesome place to get baking materials. Then baking simple vanilla cupcakes as our canvas. Last but not least the decorations.
For the butter cream. I cant remember the exact recipe quantity. But its simply, butter, icing sugar and vanilla and colouring.
Used the jelly heart shaped mould to bake the first batch of cupcakes and the result was pretty good. Easy to remove, easy to wash.
How to get purple with primary colours? Proportions are important. We did trial an error.

DSC01855 DSC01856
The recipe for the butter cream (from memory)
115g Butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
Icing sugar ( start by adding 1 cup, at a time till you achieve the consistency desired.)
2 tbss milk
Cream butter and vanilla.
Add Sugar.
Beat in Milk
*Important not to over beat the mixture or it might become too watery.

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