Monday, 31 August 2009

Carrot cake drei.

Don't ask me why am I baking carrot cake again. I think this is the 2nd time I am baking it within weeks.  The plan is to sell it actually. So I am baking my famous carrot cake ( okay kidding.) for the folks at my parent's office. Which could be a potential business opportunity. I know it is totally duh at when baking a bigger cake it takes a longer time for it to be ready. But this cake sure took its time to get ready. I think I nearly baked it for an hour at 170 degrees and even then it did not feel 'cooked'. I took it out anyways because the sides were done already and its only the middle portion thats still not ready yet and I was afraid that the top might burn. 
I also realised the importance of having an oven with consistent heat. Well my parents would not have think that I am really that interested in baking. So we ended up getting an average oven that has some issue with heat management. 
Carrots are really huge and cheap at cold storage to my surprise. 
Walnuts in the carrot cake adds dimension to the texture of the cake. 

Tadah! For sale anyone? 

I am still using the same recipe for this carrot cake and without fail, the result is definitely satisfactory. 

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