Monday, 3 August 2009

Gulasch mit Semmelknödel

last dinner

Todays dinner was Goulash with bread dumpling. The Goulash has Sauerkraut in it, which makes it slightly sourish in a really tasty way. Eaten together with the slightly crispy potato dumpling. Nice texture.

Well its a special dinner, kinda like a farewell dinner for me. Every meal is like a celebration. The celebration of life. We eat to celebrate special events and to hang out with family and friends. Food has the ability to bond and to cover up awkward silence. Food is also good for the soul. To fill up the anger, the sadness, the emptiness and the happiness.

I have no idea since when did food become so important to me. Maybe its baking, maybe its this food blog or maybe its because I have so much time that made me think and reflect on what I put into my mouth. I have no idea what point am I trying to get to with this entry. Maybe I just wanna post this picture of my dinner, maybe I just wanna babbler ( which is pretty unusual btw), maybe I just wanna be distracted.

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