Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ah ma's house

This was my first dinner when I got back home to singapore. (Which was a few days ago.) Ever since I started this food blog, I've been a more conscience eater, and think about taking pictures of almost everything I eat. So i've decided to take a picture, for the first time, of what I usually have for dinner almost every other night. In our family we have dinner at our grandma's place and the place is called, ah ma's house. I think we use ah ma (grandmother) instead of ah gong (grandfather) because its usually my ah ma who cooks the tastiest food, albeit not the healthiest.

This is usually what my grandma has for breakfast/ lunch. Pickled vegetable and ikan bilis (dried anchovies). I use to like this when I was younger, especially eaten with porridge.


This is a typical dinner I usually have. Some vegetables, ( the orange thing is pumpkin, cooked in a savory way) meat, (the dark brown dish at the back, braised pork) and sides, ( this is one of my favorite way of frying egg, with light soya sauce and the dish on the right hand corner is tofu, fried with garlic)

People usually say grandmas cook one of the best food. I sometimes wonder, will I be the only grandma who can't cook? It seems, I am able to bake some stuff, but when it comes to actual cooking, i'll probably serve burnt food or burnt the kitchen down altogether. Well at my ah ma's house, its the maid who cooks now, instead of my grandma, and before we had a nanny who would cook. My grandma usually cooks during big occasions, dont really need to learn proper chinese cooking right? (will not be cool if Mother Tan sees this because she wants me to take up cooking lessons man.)


Does not look very nice, but actually taste great!


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