Saturday, 1 August 2009

The one.

This is seriously good stuff. The first time I saw this was on TV, on the lifestyle channel, travel and living. It was about chocolate ranking and this was number one on the list. Immediately after the show I searched for a shop in singapore and the only place that sold this is in Takashima. I saw it once but did not buy it then for some reason. Recently I saw this in the airport in Milan and knew I had to get it. There is something about spending money overseas, as in I am more willing to spend money when I am overseas, then when I am back home. So I decided to splurge on it. Man it was investment. My utility was definitely maximized!

Amedei's own description of the Toscano Black, 70% chocolate bar:
Strong brown colour. Good melting and well distributed aromatic impact. Strong taste and definite aftertaste. leaves the palate feeling clean and scented.

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