Thursday, 30 July 2009

Bread Pudding

Ingredient for the day is 面包。( Bread) The first time I tried bread pudding was in one of those buffet restaurant and felt it tasted really good, especially with the warm vanilla sauce. Did not realise how easy it is to bake it till today. Until I got this recipe. I used 8 slices of bread instead of the 6 slices stated in the recipe. And would suggest using lesser sugar. if you are female baking for your girl friends. I've discovered that women and men have relatively different taste buds or rather different tolerance of sweetness. Perhaps females are alway watching their weight, or are more concern about weight issues, hence sugar or sweet stuff is somehow emphasized.

I really had no idea how bread pudding would look like fresh out of the oven. Since I usually see it in a restaurant half eaten already but koh took a look at this picture and said it looked fine. So yup it looks like that. 


Soft and moist on the inside.


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