Thursday, 3 September 2009

Flourless Chocolate Cake I

Having a lot of free time right now, I have been watching a lot of TV. Recently there is a program on the travel and living channel, called Willy wonker's chocolate factory. Need I explain what the main ingredient is? Thats my first love as well. Very much inspired by the rich chocolate goodies he makes, I feel there is a need to get in touch with my first love again. 

Since He is flying in today, its the prefect occasion to bake chocolate cake! And No. Its not any chocolate cake, its flourless chocolate cake. The sort of rich and intense chocolate cake that could potentially cause nosebleed. 

Its 60% cacao
A friend recommended a flourless chocolate cake recipe, which I did not use this time. ( That recipe i'll try next time!) This time I tried a recipe I found from allrecipes. Which had tons of good reviews and looked rather easy to make. 

The smell of chocolate is irresistible, I could not stop dipping my finger into the warm chocolate mixture! 

Tasted like pudding just out of the oven and when chilled overnight, taste like chocolate truffle. This is the sort of cake that the diet zone in the brain should be switched off and its important to get a healthy fork in your mouth to be able to taste the richness of the chocolate. 

Finally, goes pretty well with a cup of coffee or tea. :) 

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