Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dinner @ Ichiban Tei

Since I just bought a new camera, I shall take more pictures of good food! So this entry shall be about my favorite Japanese restaurant. 

The Tan Family likes Japanese food and so fast the only japanese restaurant that we never get sick of is this one at Liang Court, B1 called Ichiban Tei. The decor of the restaurant looks really simple, perhaps to the old school japanese style. Pretty old restaurant I suppose. 

From the Left clockwise: Sister Tan, Sister Tan' BF, Mother Tan, Father Tan (looking funny.)

What else would you drink in a Japanese restaurant? Green Tea of course! 

We order the same main course all the time. Seriously, we have been there at least 5 times and all of us order the same stuff! 
Mother Tan's Beef slice with a bowl of rice.

No guessing what he eats all the time as well. Black pork Katsu don.

Up close and personal. Really tender slice of black pork! 

The ramen is the best thing there, at least thats what I order almost all the time. Tonkatsu Ramen. Well I wanted spicy Tonkatsu ramen but they gave me just the non-spicy one instead. So I ended pouring tons of chili flacks into the soup. The soft boil egg is the BEST! 

We had dessert too, for the first time! All of us had sorbet each. 

Apple Sorbet with the real apple as a bowl.

I had Lemon Sorbet, which taste really refreshing! I could not stop taking pictures of the super cute bowl :) 


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